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To maintain client confidentiality, only the first name and last name initial will be given for personal coaching clients.

Richard K.Orange County, CA

I’ve worked with a handful of life coaches and Coach Hellena is by far the best I’ve ever had! Hellena is so good at her craft of coaching and is such an incredible human being! I’ve been with her for 3+ months and am always very surprised of uncovering breakthroughs within myself that I would have never expected to discover. She is an absolutely amazing listener, which is what makes her coaching so effective. She really provides the space for her clients to discover the mental blocks by asking the right questions that push them towards making the best decisions for themselves. She embodies what an ideal life coach is supposed to do! After being coached by Coach Hellena, I feel much more confident, prepared, and excited to take on the challenges and obstacles in the rest of life with my head held high! Thank you so much Coach Hellena!

Rona LewisLos Angeles, CA

Hellena doesn’t say what she thinks you want to hear, she says what you NEED to hear. She is great at asking the right questions—questions that make you take a hard look at what your goals and aspirations are. She’s amazing!

G.D.Los Angeles, CA

Coach Hellena has this incredible quality of being one of the most perceptive people I’ve ever met. You can talk to her about what’s going on in any given situation, and she will hone right in on what’s important, and help you get right to the heart of the matter. I really enjoyed working with her and found her to be a true champion for the best outcome for me, and an insightful guide along my journey of self-discovery.

Aileen B.Los Angeles, CA

I have reached a new level of acceptance that I could not have imagined or prayed for. I am grateful to Coach Hellena for her heart work and her head work with me. We have challenged each other and the outcome is evident that the core of a person can be looked at in a very meaningful way and can lead to a valuable and meaningful life. And for this I am grateful. With loving respect.

Juvie G. and Celina M.-G.Los Angeles, CA

Meeting with Coach Hellena for the past two years has helped Celina and I maintain the number one element of being in a relationship – communication. With each meeting we have learned more about ourselves as individuals and how we join together as one. Our conversations have navigated us through laughter, fear and motivation. Her insight and intuition has helped us reflect on our perceptions of life by asking the questions we overlook or are not even aware of. She provides the space for us to set goals and take risks. As a result, Celina and I approach our daily lives as individuals and as a couple with open minds and willing hearts. We celebrate our accomplishments and strategize how to overcome our challenges. Coach Hellena has been our listener, played ‘devil’s advocate’ and always keeps “what’s real” in the forefront.

Cheryl Macon-OliverLos Angeles, CA

Coaching is a very powerful tool when its practitioner is as compassionate and insightful as Hellena. Holding a space for growth and learning, Coach Hellena provides the support needed for her clients to reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Renee Smith-MaddoxLos Angeles, CA

With energy and enthusiasm, Hellena Jones Elbling knows how to create an engaging self-discovery process for workshop participants. Her dynamic facilitation style is learner-centered. In every session, she guides the participants to think about the power of new beginnings. And through her thought-provoking assignments you stay focused on renewing and changing your life. When the session is over you want to take action to manifest your dreams and desires.

Tamara T.Los Angeles, CA

My experience with the coaching process was very enlightening. I learned a lot about my inner self and my ability to control my destiny and not to allow saboteurs to influence my decision-making. The coaching with Hellena came at a time where I had so much on my shoulders and didn’t know how to manage it all at once. I am very spiritual, but for some reason I wasn’t able to connect with my inner being, which would normally allow me to see through the clouds blocking my view. Once when asked to relax and to simply talk about my situation, Hellena pointed out key words I did not realize were planting seeds for my failures. Today, I speak in a much more positive way not only to myself but to everyone around me. With the help of Coach Hellena, the negative talk has dissipated over the course of this last year and I am now on an open-minded road and when life brings me challenges, I am prepared.

Annette SpencePasadena, CA

I attended a seminar conducted by Coach Hellena at the Alexander II Bookstore in Pasadena, CA a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to Coach Hellena by the way she took my hand and added a gentle touch to the traditional handshake. Her voice, eyes and facial expression was directed to me and I felt special. At that point, I felt she was sincere in her seminar and a connection was made. As a result of her seminar, I now know who my saboteur is and why it wants me to stop and not take chances. I now walk my own path and I am eternally grateful for what I have.

I used Coach Hellena’s special handshake at a function for my son recently. The response from I received from people was warm and appreciative. After the function, I received hugs from people I had just met, what a feeling! It only took a moment and a sincere wish to tell someone I did not know how genuinely happy I was to meet them. Thank you Coach Hellena!
Shift Your Perspective/Change Your Future Workshop participant

Lance MungiaPasadena, CA

Coach Hellena’s workshop was extremely thought provoking, allowing for an inspired peek into the parts of ourselves that so often can hold us back and yet are just waiting for us to break through. I look forward to seeing Coach Hellena soon.

Shift Your Perspective/Change Your Future Workshop participant

Laura O.San Leandro, CA

My coaching experience with Coach Hellena allowed me to take an introspective look at myself and determine what I wanted in my professional life. Her thought provoking questions and engaging personality created a space where I could be curious about past decisions, without judgement, and identify the areas where I wanted improvement and fully appreciate the skills already present.
If you are ready to “own” your unique skills and traits and use them to the fullest, then you are ready to be coached by Coach Hellena!

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